Snowmass Club, Pretty in Pink

The peaks of the mountains were capped with snow, the grass on the valley was green, the arch  Scott labored over for days (not to mention the fact that aspen logs can fight a good fight) stood tall at the end of the isle.   Jared and Ashley were married at the Snowmass Club, in Snowmass Village, CO.  We certainly enjoyed participating in their event.   Jared blew my mind.  The song Ashley walked down the isle to was played by Jared on his guitar.  How romantic is that…..   The best part of the ceremony was when they sealed a box with a bottle of wine, and letters to each other.  When Ashley finished the final pound of the nail, the two of them looked right at each other and sealed it with a high five.  This couple is a team, and I truly believe that they will conquer any obstacle they might be faced with. The ceremony concluded just as the rain started, only to be followed by a beautiful sun set.  Our fondest memory of the evening was right at the end.  We were cleaning up the vases, and Jared approached us to thank us for the day. We congratulated him, and let him know what a wonderful bride he had, and what a beautiful day it was.  He, with a twinkle in his eye said “I am so lucky, she is the most amazing woman”.    Best of luck to both of you! 























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