Ashley & Trent …. Aspen Colorado Wedding

Often we are asked what makes A Funky Little Mountain Flower stand out.   We are a company that focuses on the personal touch.  We cater to our Brides and Grooms, by developing a personal relationship with our clients,  focused on their wants and desires for the perfect wedding day.  What we find in the end is that we develop friendships, and life long relationships.   Ashley and Trent are a couple we look forward to staying in touch with over the years.  In fact I am now using Ashleys company Dinx & Gracie for stationary and event needs.  She is an amazing artist.  But first let me tell you a part of their story.

We first met Ashley and Trent in the bitter cold of winter 2009.   We had visited with Ashley a number of times and then it was time to schedule their engagement session.  Ashley and I were going around and around looking for a date that would work for all four of us. We had settled on a Tuesday night, only on the Monday before to find out that Scott and Trent were on the same softball team, playing on Tuesday night.  We did eventually get their engagement session booked, and froze in the early spring up at the fern grottos in Aspen.

Helping Ashley and Trent plan their wedding was one of our favorite events  all year.   The wedding was held in Aspen and the reception at Holden/Marold Mining and Ranching Museum, part of the Aspen Historical Society. The week before the wedding Aspen was covered with snow and extremely cold.    It was still snowing the morning the tent went up, but by the following day it was bright blue skies, and warm.  A perfect wedding day.   We started setting up early as we placed over 30 lanterns in the tent with LED lights,  tables, linens, three different  types of centerpieces in orange and cranberry.     I knew Ashley was going to be a beautiful bride.  She looked exquisite, and was stunning right from the start,  getting ready, dressed in a beautiful gown, in the ceremony, ringing the bell,all the way to the party.  Trent looked sharp as well, and what a lucky, lucky man he is.




The ceremony was held at the Aspen Community Church.  I don’t know how many of you watched “The Sound of Music” as little girl ( guys you may or may not remember this part of the movie),   well I was one of them.  I have forever held in my memory the vision of Maria walking down the isle with her cathedral vail, and the beautiful organ music.   Ashley selected this song as her bridal processional, and inside this church the organ set the tone perfectly.

Down the isleceremonyThe KissAfter the ceremony they they headed to the  tower to ring the Bell.

Rong the bell




Holden/Marolt is a fantastic place to hold a party, wedding reception, and even a ceremony.






Band G


It was then time to party.  This next image is of  one of Keri and Scott a great couple we were able to meet at their wedding just a few weeks prior.


A toast from Mom and Dad brought tears to both the Bride and Groom.




A cut of cake and then party time.  We set up a photo booth, and the shots below are in costumes we provided.  This was a celebration to be remembered.




Cheers!!!!  May you both have a blissful marriage, and celebrate your love, life,and happiness.


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