Photo Booth – Redstone Colorado Wedding

Stopher and Jamie  were married in January and spent the last three months traveling in Europe.  What an experience, and a great way to celebrate a marriage.  On Saturday the 12th of September their family and friends gathered at  the Redstone Inn to celebrate their marriage.  The day was filled with a group toast, a fantastic kiss, good food, great drink, and  a lot of groovy music and dancing.  Jamie had asked us a few weeks back if we would have a separate photographer to take candid shots of friends, dressed up in some props she would have available.  We presented the photo booth option to her, and she was a bit skeptical, but  tursted us.  Toward the middle of the night she pulled us aside and said ” I didn’t know what to expect when you said photo booth,  but this is fantastic, THANK YOU!”.  Below you will find just a few of the images from the booth.  We found both young and old taking the opportunity to jump in. and  Yes!  in the middle of the shots Scott and I joined the fun.








And then Scott & Heather…… Cheers!


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